I found this new theory today out of the book Inventive Methods: The Happening of the Social (2012), edited by Nina Wakefore and Celia Lury. "Phrases" (2010-12) - Article by Matthew W. Fuller and Olga Gurionova.

Basically - phrase is a device between user and action. As simple as a hole puncher in a voting card or as complicated as a technical media form... A bridge to get humans to an action. Get users to develop and articulation new subjective processes! Micro to Macro!

"They operate as one of a series of micro-to-macro objects, entities in their own terms at a certain scale, but also as mediations of part-whole relations."(p.163)

Key Vocabulary: subjective processes, formalization, dual character?, experimental, conceptual, technical, micro-to-macro objects, technosocial, subjective, performative, gesture, vehicle, reflexsive, performative, enactive, demonstrative, social research,

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