On Digital Territories...

by calling it digital a territory you are acknowliding it as a space and either way no mater where it is a space that is occupied by indigenous peoples, and that space becomes an indigenous space, even if not indigenous owned technically per say, for example the servers, wifi, routhers, or netwwork or internet service providers, the space itself is determeinde by indigenous peoplea and is a product of their consiousness and their creation. You would not claim that every brass bowl is the product of _euro maker_ or that it is not genuinlyy indigenous because of that. That bowl becaosem a product of their consiousness. if you’re talking about hieearchy,

because this is an indigenous sdetermined space, it is an extensivon of our territiory. It is not a always a physical space you can occupy. Infact neither is virtual or augmented reality. neither is facebook, second life or digital map,s etc,.

What these are are graphical responsive interactive representations of our thoughts and actions that we determine to sumulate an experience. Now hust because these spaces do not exist phsyscially, does not mean that they do not exist without consiousness. They are products of our consiousness, of our creation. And so because they are real in this way, this IS a place, this is an indignous determinded space, and all of the actions and possible things that happen here are determined by indienogus peoples. If someone were to hack another persons’s size that would be colonization of that space. or genocide of that space. hierarchy is not relevant in what is possible to create, the physcial computation hierarhy as mentioned earlieer, so long as it is not a corporate hierarchy that does have the authority to determine what you can and can’t do, well that’s like the US government to the soverign nations. They do not determined anything of our ways however we are still currenlty held accountable to their governing systems in different ways. There is not much differenece there but it takes some practice to analiez and see this difference.

so then because this is an indigneous space, we must treat as such with outsiders who are entering our spaces. Traditionally there must be an edge of the woods cermenoy if they are to enter our territories respectifully, so what does that look like in a digital space? Is that a splash screen that notifies you? A sign? A function you musst click through,? Must we wipe the tears or clear your browser history? we don’t want you to forget who you are, we want to remind you who you are so you can think clearly and so that you can see who we are tand then we can be together in the same place in a real way. Not just as passers by. it is an acknowledge and respect to each other. Non indigous eople have this authority too over their spaces and they exercise it. In order to enter these spaces, we must demonstrate to them a financial “buy in” and contribuute to them this way.

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