- Mobile App, 2015-16 - Co-Director, Cultural Facilitator,

                                               Programmer, Designer

Development Images and Video Screenshots

This is a land-based application that allows you to explore an immersive soundscape within specific geographical locations. Members of the Tuscarora community lent their voices as they shared memories of places within the traditional territories of the Tuscarora Nation. A large component of this "wikiscape" is the trail along the Lower Niagara River that tells the story of Tuscarora's sustaining lifestyle and tradition of Spearfishing and how that was disrupted with the construction of the New York Power Authority.

Collaboration with UB Professor, Teri Rueb, Lydia Cordero-Campis, Mia McKie, and the Tuscarora Nation

Video - App Demonstration

Tuscarora Mobile Application

- Game, 2017 - Writer, Designer, Programmer, Artist


Development Images and Video Screenshots

An experimental game that plays more like an interactive documentary. This game puts you in the Tuscarora perspective of the history and impacts of the construction of the New York State Power Authority and Lewiston Reservoir. 

Modeled in Maya, Built in Unity, C*,

Video - Gameplay in Development